Sunday, October 11, 2015

Introducing eAltCon2015

Marching Our Voices Out of Memphis

Wednesday October 14th - Sunday October 18th

Welcome to eAltCon2015!  We welcome you to join us as we march the conversation forward. We live in a time where human beings are beyond frustrated - with ourselves, each other and the world we have created.  We have also becoming increasingly coercive, controlling and violent in the solutions our culture as a group is proposing.

But is this getting us anywhere?  Or is it just perpetuating the viciousness of a cycle that had far too much of that already? Equally important, what can we do about it and where do we go from here?

Over the next several days we will ask ourselves these questions.  We will speak for ourselves, from our own experience.  We will listen deeply - both to ourselves and each other.  There is a vast wealth of experience that has been lived among us. Together we will make sense of what we know.

And together, we will figure out where to march from here.  We are ordinary people with a deep belief in the power of the ordinary.   We believe that has value. We believe that is enough.  We are tired of a world of experts speaking about us, without us, making careers from of our suffering and leaving us on empty.

We are peer-organized, peer-run, peer-funded. That makes for certain challenges, but it also buys us freedom.  We say things others won't.  We do things others don't.

We speak for ourselves, and we want to hear from you.  We honor your right to voice.  We are committed to building communities with the capacity to honor all our voices.

BTW, to us, all means all: Every voice.  Without exception.  Because every voice is living experience.  Because every voice is living conscience.

This is especially true of voices that are marginalized or othered.  These are the voices we simply must learn to listen to.  We cannot afford the price of continuing to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that business as usual is still okay.

Think about it.  If you're a marginalized Voice, everyone, everywhere sees you as a nuisance.  You are a problem - they want you dead.

As such a Voice, who would risk talking, dare talking, keep talking?  Who would keep trying and trying to speak?  
Unless there were something that Living Conscience urgently knew that the human community needed to know.
Suffice it to say, we need to speak -- and also to hear and respond to the message.   

Accordingly, over then next few days, we will bring our ordinary selves and our ordinary lives. We will use ordinary telephones, ordinary computers and free/ freely available technologies.  All told, it will take us less than $5 to put on this event.

If we each play our part, however, the conversation we create will be everything but ordinary.  

Here, we will reclaim authorship and agency.  We will take back our stories, we take back our knowing. We will make our own connections, draw our own conclusions, generate our own wisdom.

From there, we will take back our power to act and take back our lives.  We will reclaim our right to participate and support each other to exercise it.  We will do this in every place and every way that human beings affect each other.  We will reclaim our rightful roles in families, neighborhoods, communities and as citizens of nations.  The fate of our planet and the fate of living beings depends us and our willingness to do this.

We can't do this without you.  The trauma has cut all of us deeply.  Our collective blood flows like rivers.

We need you to take the risk to show up.  We need your energy, your effort, your willingness to try.  We need your honest authentic voice.  We need to you say what is working and what isn't.

We can't get conscious without each other. 
We have to get conscious or we will all die. 


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