Monday, November 9, 2015

"I think it's time a light be shone on what's going on here"

I live in Canada, and I was invited by a psychiatrist to attend sessions in his private psychoanalytic psychotherapy practice. I was given a diagnosis (Complex-PTSD) and he wrote a letter about me, describing his theory about my subconscious. I didn't understand what it meant, and asked him and the psychologist who referred me to him, to clarify. Both of them refused to give me straightforward information about psychoanalysis, the diagnosis, or the proposed treatment.

I began seeing him, and again - no documents were signed and no clear answers about what exactly was the goal or boundaries of the therapeutic relationship. He used "doublespeak" by telling me that my fear and unwillingness to trust him were related to my condition, and proved how badly I needed the therapy. Gradually he began to abuse me, by saying shocking, hurtful statements out of the blue, in a calm, hypnotic tone. He asked me to let him know if I found him seductive, and told me I was in love with him. I told him he was hurting me, and he apologized but refused to explain anything. I tried to resolve this with him and he told me I was confused; he didn't know what I was talking about. Eventually I realized he was messing with me because he enjoys tormenting vulnerable people.

I had a nervous breakdown and wound up in the hospital. In the subsequent two years, I have re-lived the situation in my head hundreds of times. I am now absolutely certain that this was deliberate torture and narcissistic abuse (a phenomenon the profession won't acknowledge, even though it is under the category of criminal harassment, and mental health professionals are supposed to help us recover from it... not cause it.) Psychoanalytic dogma is the perfect cover-up for brainwashing.

The reason I'm speaking out about this - though it happens in all walks of life - is because it happens in isolation with professionals we're supposed to trust with our deepest wounds... this is utterly abominable. What's worse, the governing bodies have no requirement that these psychiatrists observe clients' human rights. They can say and do whatever the hell they want, and even if you nearly die, there is no proof and the boards protect the abuser with clauses to block and cut down any ethical violation you present. (I've been fighting for my life for nearly two years... the reason I'm okay is because I discovered the horrible truth). Basically unless they have sex with you (and you can prove it!) they can do anything and call it therapy.

I think it's time a light be shone on what's going on here. The public deserves a thorough written consent document and transparency before entering into an isolated "relationship" which is an invasive procedure. Without it, these are cults, flourishing right in front of our noses.

Thank-you for allowing me to speak.